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PATH Saves is broadcast each Sunday at 1pm on 99.5FM Faith Talk radio and 96.5FM The Answer. The purpose of the program is to shed light on Human Trafficking and to raise community awareness of the movement of God in our nation to set captives free. Each week we bring a current news report related to Human Trafficking as well as interviews with those that have been victims of Human Trafficking.

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October 15, 2017

Today's news story is a follow-up to last weeks groundbreaking story about Backpage setting out-of-court with a law firm in Seattle, Washington, on behalf of 3 minor children that were knowingly sold for sex on Backpage's web site.

October 8, 2017

We have exciting news today to report!!! The website,, that has been a focus of websites selling people for sex, has for the first time settled with three plaintiffs out of court! The three plaintiffs were under aged girls when sold for sex on the web site. Up until now there has not been a court that has been willing to hear a case ... until this past Tuesday, October 3rd. There are about two more weeks of this breaking event that we will be following on PATH Saves!

October 1, 2017

We continue today with the rather dramatic political process taking place in Washington DC concerning a bill to make internet giants accountable for sex trafficking content contained on their web sites.

September 24, 2017

The program today is a follow up about our United States Congress' bill to make internet web sites that allow sex traffickers to post adds on their sites liable for doing so. This is a very important issue going on in our nation with major ramifications about the "freedoms" of internet sites. The bill would also allow individual states to pass their own laws allowing victims to sue sites that hosted adds to sell them on their web sites! God is moving right in front of our eyes and we at PATH Saves don't want us to miss what we are seeing!

September 17, 2017

This weeks story is about a teen aged girl that wanted to do something. She learned about human trafficking at a Christian Ladies retreat and asked God what she could actually do? She felt led to go on a 300 mile long walk to raise awareness about human trafficking! From her home in Illinois to Nashville, Tennessee, she walked to raise awareness and to raise money to help in the fight! The result was some $38,000 raised!

September 10, 2017

Our news story today is a follow up to last week's story. It is about how an effort in Congress to amend an act in order to prosecute sites like "backpage" is now shaking up the entire tech industry.

September 3, 2017

Today's news has Backpage back in the headlines. 2 Congressmen have introduced a new bill in Congress in an attempt to legally hold Backpage liable for the sex trafficking adds that they have profited from for years. As much as 80% of all money made by selling women and girls over the internet has been made by Backpage. I also share a recent report out of our own Clinton, Arkansas about a woman trying to lure a girl at a school bus stop into her truck. Parents, beware.

August 20, 2017

This weeks news story is about how a rather high profile model was kidnapped by a human trafficking ring. She was able to escape but the news story highlights the dangers of being on social media sites like Instagram. Predators use sites like this to lure victims into their dark web in the sex slave industry.

August 13, 2017

Our program today is about a state that is now requiring their EMT personnel to go through training to recognize the signs of a human trafficked victim. As of now we don't have this requirement in Arkansas.

August 6, 2017

Our top news story today is about an arrest last Sunday in Conway, Arkansas. A 30 something year old man was selling a minor girl for sex and is currently awaiting trial on multiple drug charges as well as human trafficking charges. We also get to finish the 3 part news series about the growing awareness in our health care industry about recognizing trafficked victims. As of today there are only 60 hospitals out of some 6,000 hospitals in our nation that are trained or equipped to recognize a trafficked victim that comes in for medial care ... much less to be able to help them with their trafficked condition. But, awareness is growing.

July 30, 2017

In today's program we get to share a clip from the Christian Broadcasting Network about a new initiative to combat Human Trafficking. They are now impounding the vehicles of johns and increasing the fine for a first offense to $5,000! Next we get to share about a new law passed this year here in Arkansas dealing with the impounding of vehicles of those caught trying to purchase sex. An interesting twist about our law is that along with the other fees and penalty's there is an additional $500 charge that will go to a new state fund called the "Human Trafficking Victim Support Fund." The moneys in this new fund will be used to help the victims of human trafficking here in Arkansas, and to help train educators to recognize victims of Human Trafficking. Our thanks go out to Louise Allison, Executive Director of PATH, for the "heads-up" on these two stories.

July 23, 2017

Today's program again features Jolene and her story. Part of the focus in this storyis the growing awareness in our health care industry that needs to take place about recognizing victims of human trafficking.

July 16, 2017

Today we have a breaking story out of Washington DC, out of our Congress, that is back in Congressional cross hairs! Congress has received evidence that Backpage has been directly involved in soliciting sex ads as well as coaching advertisers on how to best post their ads. Backpage has tried to paint themselves as only a 3rd party to the ads and not directly involved in creating the ads.

July 9, 2017

Today's news story is out of Chicago. A human trafficker is behind bars today after his 16 year old female slave was slaughtered on Christmas eve. This is another example of how God is working to bring to justice those profiting from the sex slave industry. We also get to hear an audio clip of the slaughtered girls Mother as she shares about the need to bring these perpetrators to justice.

July 2, 2017

Today starts a 3 week news story about how God is working in the health care industry to bring awareness to health care providers about human trafficking. While I was gone to El Salvador I met a young lady that had been abused and trafficked as a young girl. She had never told anyone before. I got to see God do some great healing in her life! In the program today I have Louise Allison share some important information that she had shared with me that was very helpful for the young lady in El Salvador.

June 25, 2017

Today's news story is out of Alaska! It is about a "barefoot mile" that survivors and concerned individuals walk each year to raise awareness as well as raise money in the fight against the sex-slave industry in Alaska. Last week the event raised $200,000 to support the fight in Alaska! We also share some insight from our PATH Executive Director, Louise Allison, about what happens in a child's mind that is trafficked at a young age. I share this because one of the girls in the news story was sold sexually as a 3 year old until she was 6.

June 18, 2017

Today's program is again about what part we call all play in bringing an end to the sex slave industry in America.

June 11, 2017

This weeks program is about a fund raising idea called "Freedom Friday." The idea is to take a Friday evening, and instead of going out, stay home and estimate how much you would have spent for entertainment and send that money to PATH to help in the effort of setting captives free! A pretty neat idea! We have set the date for June 23rd. Let's all join in and help make a difference!

June 4, 2017

The news story today is about a health care group called Dignity Health, that is working to train and educate health care providers to recognize and respond when they come across trafficked victims in the health care setting. I also get to thank PATH for coming this past Thursday to our church's Sheriff's Prayer Breakfast to share with our Sheriff's Department about human trafficking.

May 28, 2017

Today we get to share a part of a clip from the White House in Washington DC! Ivanka Trump last week held a news conference in the White House, along with members of Congress, about new legislation and financing that Congress is dealing with right now to address Human Trafficking in America. Congress has 8 Human Trafficking bills on it's table right now. We get to make the point that this is evidence of a major movement of God, right before our eyes, in this our day! We also get to share some of the news story that broke last week about the massive drug bust in Little Rock last week! The point of this news story is that any time we see this level of "drug trafficking" we can be assured that there is a comparable amount of Human Trafficking that goes along with the drug trafficking, and that right here in the Little Rock area.

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