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What exactly makes a local congregation a “strong” congregation? Or what is it that would qualify a local congregation as being an “effective” congregation?

What would we use as our criteria for judging the worth or value of a local church?

Is it the number of members? Is it the quality of the buildings in which they meet? Is it the number of times they meet each week? Is it to be found in the kind of clothes the members wear ... or the kind of cars they drive?


I like to think of the value of a local congregation as in the following little script ...

  • We are not many...but in Christ we are Mighty.
  • We are not famous...but in Christ we are Known.
  • We are not wealthy...but in Christ we are Rich.
  • We are not scholars of renown...but in Christ we have All Knowledge.
  • We, in and of ourselves, are weak... but in Christ we are Strong.
  • In the eyes of the world we may be comely... but in Christ we are Desired.

We may be timid... but in Christ we are Bold.

We are a people of Faith in Jesus Christ...The Son of The Living God.

You see, the strength of a local congregation rests totally on the submission of each member - individually - to the presence, power, and direction of the Holy Spirit - and through the leadership and empowering of God’s Spirit we can in fact do all things for the glory of God. And that is the key... for the glory of God.

I believe with all my heart that Cedar Heights exists and desires to exist for this singular goal - the Glory of God - alone. Jesus prayed that God would Glorify His Name - and God said He both had - and would - Glorify His Great Name.

This is our desire. This is our hunger. This is our prayer.


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