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Children's Minister

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Tell us about your family

My husband, Bo, and I were married in 1992. We had our first child, Matthew, in 1994, our second child Austin in 1997, and our third Lynleigh in 2003.

Where did you go to school

I graduated from Oak Grove High School and then went on to get a Bachelor’s of Science in Education from the University of Central Arkansas.

What song is playing on your iPod right now

iPod?? Oh, that’s right, that is the gadget that has the wires that are constantly stuck in my oldest child’s ears where he can’t hear me. The only time I get to listen to music is in the car, and then I listen to KLOVE.

What is your favorite movie

I love old movies. Any movie that stars Cary Grant would be listed as a favorite especially Bringing Up Baby and Arsenic and Old Lace.

What is the last movie you went to see

The last movie I went to see was All About Steve with a bunch of girlfriends. The company made the movie good!

What is your favorite food

I am sure you meant foods! Lasagne, chocolate cake, brownies, and anything I don’t have to cook!! Who am I kidding, I don’t cook!

What is your favorite vacation locale

White sand beaches!! I have been to the East and West Coasts and to Costa Rica, but none of them compare to the white sand beaches of the Gulf of Mexico!

Have you ever traveled outside the country

My passport only has one country stamp on it. My husband won a trip to Costa Rica through his work. It was absolutely beautiful. But the neatest thing about the trip is that is where God lead my sister to be a missionary several years later. It would have been much more difficult to let her go to a country that I hadn’t visited.

What is your favorite sport


Who is your favorite sports team

Arkansas Razorbacks are my favorite! I also love the Dallas Cowboys!

What is your favorite part of your job

I LOVE children and youth! Being allowed to be a part of their lives as they grow physically and spiritually is such an awesome blessing! I have been blessed to see many children grow into wonderful spiritual leaders inside and outside of Cedar Heights.

What book are you currently reading

The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks

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