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Church Constitution and Bylaws

Enacted - January 14, 2016constitution and bylaws


Conflict of Interest Policy

Church Committees

Members rotating off at the end of 2017 are colored green below. New committee members will begin their roles on January 1.

Committe on Committees

Robert Furrey - Chair
Brad Winfrey - Dep. Chair
Margo Patterson - Secretary
Kerry Rodtnick
Dustin Walters

Stewardship Committee

Gene Caldwell - Chair
Brad Winfrey - Dep. Chair
Brett Krebbs - Secretary
Ann Gardner
Jennifer Perkins
Keith Martin
Bridget Johnson
Stephen Jones
Tracey Green

Personnel Committee

Jay Ward - Chair
Terry Perkins - Dep. Chair
Beth Martin - Secretary
Brenda Hilliard
Frank Westmoreland

Buildings & Grounds

Chip Hilliard - Chair
Roy Patterson - Dep. Chair
John May - Secretary
Frank Westmoreland
Jason Vint
Jay Ward
Mark Warner
Davy Brown
Matthew Pruss 

Cedar Heights Christian Academy

Kelly Winfrey - Chair
Bailey Walter - Dep. Chair
Ashley Walla
David Schaufler
Donna Sweet
Helen Ward
Jackie Williams

Cedar Heights Christian Daycare

Brenda Schaufler - Chair
Sue Maupin - Secretary
Earlene Morgan
Hylan Pickett
Lindy Vint
Teresa Huckabay
Jennifer Shook


Sundays With Us

Traditional Worship - 8:30am

Ministry Groups - 9:30am

Worship - 10:45am

Sunday Night Live - 5pm

Cedar Heights Baptist Church

14510 Cedar Heights Road
North Little Rock, Ar


Phone: 501-851-2563