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Church Constitution and Bylaws

Enacted - January 14, 2016constitution and bylaws

Quarterly Reports Designated Funds
 Annual Budget Proposal - 2016  
 3rd Quarter - 2015 January - October 2015
 2nd Quarter - 2016  


Conflict of Interest Policy

Church Committees

A new team is being formed - the Vision Task Force. Submit your nominations here.

Committe on Committees

Robert Furrey - Chair
Brad Winfrey - Dep. Chair
Margo Patterson - Secretary
Kerry Rodtnick
Dustin Walters

Stewardship Committee

Gene Caldwell - Chair
Brad Winfrey - Dep. Chair
Brett Krebbs - Secretary
Ann Gardner
Jennifer Perkins
Keith Martin
Bridget Johnson
Stephen Jones
Tracey Green

Personnel Committee

Jay Ward - Chair
Terry Perkins - Dep. Chair
Beth Martin - Secretary
Brenda Hilliard
Frank Westmoreland

Buildings & Grounds

Chip Hilliard - Chair
Roy Patterson - Dep. Chair
John May - Secretary
Frank Westmoreland
Jason Vint
Jay Ward
Mark Warner
Davy Brown
Matthew Pruss 

Cedar Heights Christian Academy

Kelly Winfrey - Chair
Bailey Walter - Dep. Chair
Ashley Walla
David Schaufler
Donna Sweet
Helen Ward
Jackie Williams

Cedar Heights Christian Daycare

Brenda Schaufler - Chair
Sue Maupin - Secretary
Earlene Morgan
Hylan Pickett
Lindy Vint
Teresa Huckabay
Jennifer Shook


Sundays With Us

Traditional Worship - 8:30am

Ministry Groups - 9:30am

Worship - 10:45am

Sunday Night Live - 5pm

Cedar Heights Baptist Church

14510 Cedar Heights Lane
North Little Rock, Ar


Phone: 501-851-2563