Our History
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Years ago, Cedar Heights Baptist Church hosted a homeschool co-op where homeschooled students met once a week to learn together.  Using Christian curriculum and Christian teachers, these students learned more than just their ABC’s; they learned God’s truths and how to apply them to all circumstances.  They learned how to be Christians and still have fun with other students.  It was a small, family-like atmosphere.  Eventually, the co-op no longer operated, but Bro. Charlie Winters, the pastor of Cedar Heights Baptist Church, longed for another way for students to be able to learn academics and God’s truths together.  This longing soon led to the birth of Cedar Heights Christian Academy.

When Cedar Heights Christian Academy opened its doors on August 16, 2004, there were twenty-five students enrolled.  The staff had been trained and all the materials were ready to go.  We knew, though, that it didn’t matter how much training we had or if we had the best materials available; Cedar Heights Christian Academy wouldn’t survive the first week, let alone a whole year, if God wasn’t present.  We were told “If a school makes it three years, then it has a chance to be successful.”  We were praying for one year.  Then we prayed for another year...and another.  By God’s grace and provisions, CHCA has been around more than a decade.  Hundreds of students have walked through the doors of CHCA.  God has allowed us to minister to them and their families.  What a privilege!  What a responsibility!


As the years have passed, some curriculum and activities have changed according to the needs of our students, but the ACE curriculum remains our primary curriculum.  One thing that hasn’t changed since that first day is the knowledge that if God isn’t present, the Academy will fail.  We daily seek God’s guidance and mercy as we train up generations of warriors for Him.