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2017-2018 Tuition for Grades K-12



  • This may be paid over a ten-month period by bank draft only.

  • The first payment will be due the first week of school.  All other payments will be due on the 5th or 20th of each month.

  • If the full payment is not received by the 25th of each month, due to insufficient funds, a $25 surcharge (per account) will be added.  The student will not be permitted to continue attending school if the account becomes two months past due.




Withdrawal or Graduation:



If a student withdraws, tuition is pro-rated on a daily basis and a withdrawal fee of 50% of the montly payment is added to your account.  Report cards, transcripts, and diplomas are withheld until financial obligations are met in full. 




Late Charges/Returned Check Fees



Late Charge Fee



Insufficient Funds Fee (NSF)





2017-2018 Fees for Grades K-12






TESTING FEE (new students only)



(All new students must pay the testing fee in FULL at the time of registration.)








$200 (If paid by April 30)

(Due within two weeks after being notified of admittance.)


$250 (If paid by May 31)



$300 (If paid after May 31)


















  • A down payment of $100 is due withing two weeks after being notified of admittance.

  • The remaining $250 may be added to the bank draft payments of tuition.

  • Please note that this fee only covers the PACEs required for one year's worth of work.  If your child exceeds the standard number of PACEs, you will be required to pay for additional PACEs beyond the required amount.  If your child fails a PACE and needs to repeat it, there will be a mandatory $10 charge for that PACE.